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November 2018

Chaos Theory in the Marketing Industry

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Chaos – A word every management professional despises, yet faces nevertheless, every moment, every day. Every brand custodian works on crunched timelines as a consequence of this chaos – for, time-to-market is as essential as quality of product. It isn’t unfamiliar for mega-budget campaigns to be conceptualized, validated, produced and distributed in a matter of days. It is here that having a quality communications agency can make a difference.

A typical scenario in most organizations: Research Agency derives insights, passes them on to the Brand Manager. Brand Manager prepares a brief for the communications agency. Client Servicing person from the agency passes on brief to the creative team. By the time creative team reverts with a rough-cut, there is hardly any time left for edits – for the campaign needs to go live soon! Creative teams tend to think from a communication standpoint first, and therefore lose out on consumer insights and brand truths. The result is a sunk-cost on creatives which doesn’t help anyone.

It is this genesis, that made us come up with North Star Partners. In some ways, we’re applying chaos theory to marketing – formulating those small changes at the start of an equation, which can cause high magnitude shifts in the end results. We decided to attack this problem at its source. We look at creatives and communications from a brand and consumer first approach. We break the silos in the creative process and offer a harmonized solution that aligns every stakeholder towards a common goal.

We’re hoping to bring about huge changes in the quality of creative outputs. We believe we’ve struck something that’s so common-sensical, yet so amiss in the industry today. With progress in our journey, we shall keep updating our learnings in a series of blogs, so that everyone benefits from it.

Have any differing thoughts on our approach? We’d love to hear from you! Do use the comments section, or drop in a mail to us.