North Star Partners is a communications solutions organisation. Very consciously, we choose to not bucket ourselves as digital marketing agency, traditional advertising set-up or a creative firm. In fact, our very genesis arises from the fact that the solutions market today sees itself in silos.

Digital agencies start their solutioning from a platform standpoint – belting out templates based on social media advertising. Ad-firms, while they have an innate understanding from a communications standpoint – start with a creative idea in mind. We do what we feel is supremely simple yet eluding in the industry today – our journey begins with the consumer, brand and business, and finally branches out into the appropriate platform or media.

With our inside-out approach, we strive to offer all communication solutions, across platforms and media, in a better and more crystallised manner. Our team is a mix of brand management professionals, finance specialists, social media analysts, designers and film-makers. This healthy mix of right brain and left brain helps us offer well- rounded solutions.

Our Philosophy:

You didn't yearn to go to your grandpa's place during summer vacations because you liked his mission statement. Your best friend bunked classes and sneaked out of college to watch a movie. Not because she aligned with your vision statement.

Magical relationships happen not by virtue of fancy mission and vision statements. We're somewhat like that. We want to understand you, be with you, be there for you. We want to be in a journey where we have fun together.

We don't have all the answers. But we promise to try hard and find one for us. We're a friendly communications solutions company, wanting to simplify your most complex problems, and have fun along the way.

And because we have some team members who’re so used to bullet-point summaries, here goes:

  1. We strive to belong-term partners in your brand building journey - together, we'd love to take your brand to great heights.
  2. We don't have a magic wand, and we don't give false promises - brand building is a long, arduous journey - we believe in feedback and continuous improvement.
  3. Learning- You aren't our client, you're our partner - we're in this together, and we would want both of us to learn, unlearn and relearn from each other.